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Our Mission

Babian’s is committed to providing a durable and simplistic cloth diaper experience. When I first started out with cloth diapering I was completely overwhelmed by all of the information out there. There is an entire vocabulary committed specifically to cloth diapering and to be honest, I still have trouble remembering all of the lingo and acronyms.

With a Babian’s cloth diaper, you can be assured that the guesswork has been taken out of the equation. Cloth diapering shouldn’t be so complicated. We are committed to providing an easy and anxiety free experience and try to put the fun part in your hands, picking out designs that you love and will enjoy for years to come.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry

Our mission is to inspire others to join the cloth diaper tribe. We are all in this together and to continue on we need to join in protecting this beautiful world of ours. As parents, we do not just have a commitment to raise and nurture our children, but to leave them a place that is fit for future generations.

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